Addiction – How to overcome it by Eve Preste

Addiction – How to overcome it by Eve Preste


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Eve Preste is a certified life coach, Hypnotist, and Reiki practitioner.
Eve is the author of “My Journey Through Breast Cancer. ” Eve is a full-time practicing hypnotist, who, with her deep spiritual nature is able to create a positive frame of mind for lasting life changes. Eve holds a BA in Journalism, Broadcasting, and Speech and is certified with the National Guild of hypnotists, life coaching through Fowler Wainwright, and reiki through Deena Gail Elmore. By using her reiki principles and techniques, she opens the heart chakra allowing deep healing to take place. She is able to synchronize the mind with the heart, raise one’s vibrational awareness, and create a higher level of consciousness with her clients. Eve teaches her clients how to effectively use the power within the mind to create a transformative life filled with love and bliss. Each experience with Eve is very positive and life-changing. She states that we are all created for greatness and we just need to tap into it. Her intuitive nature gives her direction on how to approach each client on an individual basis.


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Weight Loss Program Online – Get Free Consultancy

Weight Loss Program Online

weight loss program online, weight loss program online free,best weight loss program online

There is various lose weight program online that you can sign up for.

Especially now, as part of your New Year’s resolution and commitment to eating healthier and living healthier, It’s a great time to embark upon your journey of optimal health.

Let’s talk about diet and transformational weight release;

  1. Anti-inflammatory diet.
  • You can achieve your goal within 16 days
  • It’s recognized by the Harvard medical school and the arthritis foundation
  1. Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Rainbow diet – fruits and veggies
  • Lean proteins
  • Omega fatty acids

Best ways to lose weight online

How does inflammation start

  1. Some people have a genetic tendency to develop chronic swelling and are at high risk for this
  2. The standard American diet increases everyone’s risk for the development of chronic inflammation
  3. AGEs (Advanced glycogen end products)- these are chemical compounds that are present in most animal products caused by;
  • Oxidative stress
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Metabolic and degenerative disease
  • Grilling frying and barbecuing increases the number of AGEs in food

4. How to prevent AGEs

  • Cook your food slowly and on low heat
  • Stop smoking- Smoking is associated with inflammatory conditions and activates the white blood cell neutrophils
  • Cope with stress better- Use hypnosis, meditation, and deep breathing to alleviate stress
  • Avoid radiation as much as possible
  • Reduce the amount of processed foods and refined sugars

Type of Weight Loss Program

  • L a weight loss centers
  • Herbalife
  • Bioslim
  • Slim fast
  • South Beach diet
  • Mayo clinic diet
  • Bullet proof coffee
  • Weight watchers
  • Jenny Craig
  • The Atkins diet

How to choose Best weight loss program Onlineweight loss program online, weight loss program online free,best weight loss program online

  • Think about your motivation and why you want to lose weight.
  • Opt for an affordable meal plan that is not too costly.
  • Get an individualized program that works in your case.
  • Consider your food preferences.
  • Consult with your physician if you have health challenges.

What is the best way to lose weight

  • Cutting carbs is the key to Weight Loss.
  • Increase your water intake.
  • Increase your exercise regimen.
  • Lift weights three times per week.
  • Lower your cortisol levels by reducing stress.

Examples of a healthy beginners diet

  • Breakfast – steel cut oatmeal
  • Lunch veggies and feta salad
  • Dinner fish and roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli

There are many different diet and some examples are:

  • Mediterranean diet
  • Plant-based diet
  • Carb restricted diet
  • Mayo clinic diet


There are many ways to  release the extra weight permanently. Why not contact  your transformational weight release experts Eve and Gus at Prestege Wellness and begin your journey a vibrant health?
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Health and Wellness


5 Steps to a Healthy Mind – Changes to your body and brain are normal as you age. However, there are some things you can do to gain some health body and healthy mind. Here are five things I recommend to for your healthy mind and body.

AS it is great saying “Smile- it doesn’t cost a thing! It is one of the simplest ways to have a healthy heart.”

  1. What wouldn’t you do to be able to unlock your subconscious mind? Will you be ready for it?
  2. Are you suffering to much because of sabotaging thoughts?
  3. Can we remove old Brain cell impressions that are causing Anxiety, PTSD and Depression?
  4. Can new Brain Cell impressions remove our artificial intelligence which is causing us so much harm?
  5. Are we a product of artificial intelligence and auto pilot?



If you are seriously interested in editing the disturbing thoughts that are in the subconscious mind take a leap of faith and explore the peace that is awaiting you. Dive into 9 Steps to a Healthy Mind and experience the depthness of your soul. Consider opening your harddrive and embrace the miracle that comes with editing your subconscious mind. Why do we give our egos so much control of our lives, and isn’t it making us a victims to stress, anxiety and depression? So there you have it, now it is up to you to take the next step by showing some love for yourself.

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