What is ASMR its meaning - Benefits of ASMR

What is ASMR its meaning – Benefits of ASMR

What is ASMR its meaning – Benefits of ASMR

Today we will discuss “What is ASMR its meaning – Benefits of ASMR ”

ASMR ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is becoming well known around the world and with celebrities

What does ASMR do?

1. Helpful in reducing stress
2. Help someone to fall asleep
3. Voice, sounds, behaviors, and triggers help clients relax

What are some ASMR sensations?

1. Physical sensations such as tingles, sparkles, and waves of relaxation in the head and neck spine and body
2. Psychological sensations relaxation, calmness, comfort peacefulness & sleepiness

What Stimulates ASMR?

1. Positive attention that’s personalized
2. Gentle voice, touch, sound, movement

What are the major categories for triggers?

1. Visual – Seeing someone gentle movements, caring gaze and expressions examples are: painting and sitting hands through the sand
2. Auditory – low voice, tapping, brushing,
3. Tactile – touching hair, arm, back

What is the most Widely used ASMR trigger?

1. Whispers that are gentle are characteristics of someone who performs ASMR


Characteristics of someone who performs ASMR

1. Kind
2. Caring
3. Empathic
4. Attentive
5. Focused
6. Trustworthy
7. Dedicated
8. Calm demeanor
9. Skilled and knowledgeable


The benefits of ASMR

1. Sleep benefits
2. De-stress
3. Comfort with grief
4. Panic attacks
5. Anxiety disorders
6. Depression


ASMR has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years due to YouTube videos and the loneliness COVID-19 epidemic

ASMR along with Hypnosis helps create a calm, peaceful environment where one can truly relax and move past any energy blocks or triggers.

You are your thoughts and what you focus on grows If you cultivate peace deep within the world around you will be more enchanting and full of light!


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