Our Team

Our vision is to bring light where there is darkness, health where there is disease and hope where there is despair.

Eve Preste

Life Coach/Hypnotist/Reiki Practitioner

Eve Preste is a certified life coach, Hypnotist and Reiki practitioner. Eve is the author of “My Journey Through Breast Cancer. ” Eve is a full time practicing hypnotist, who, with her deep spiritual nature is able to create a positive frame of mind for lasting life changes. Eve holds a BA in Journalism, Broadcasting and Speech and is certified with the National Guild of hypnotists, life coaching through Fowler Wainwright and reiki through Deena Gail Elmore. By using her reiki principles and techniques, she opens the heart chakra allowing deep healing to take place. She is able to synchronize the mind with the heart, raise one’s vibrational awareness, and create a higher level of consciousness with her clients. Eve teaches her clients how to effectively use the power within the mind to create a transformative life filled with love and bliss. Each experience with Eve is very positive and life changing. She states that we are all created for greatness and we just need to tap into it. Her intuitive nature gives her the direction on how to approach each client on an individual basis. 

Jeffrey Middleton

Chiropractor, Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist & Holistic Pain Management

Dr. Jeffrey Middleton is president and founder of Lord’s Chiropractic & Research, Inc. He is a graduate of Life University, and attended Florida State University for his undergrad. After receiving his doctorate, he completed three years of post-graduate training to become board certified in the Atlas Orthogonal technique.

In practice since 1991, Dr. Middleton has earned an unparalleled reputation in South Florida. His skill level and attention to detail are outstanding, but what sets him apart is his compassion and commitment to individualized care. His philosophy is simple: “Always try to identify the root cause of any health issue.”

In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Middleton is a respected speaker at various integrative medicine conferences. He is also dedicated to the research of spectroscopy and its effect on human biochemistry as it relates to cancer. In 2002, he invented a tunable laser that effectively reduces tumor inflammation with no side effects.

Dr. Middleton lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and daughter. He enjoys learning about the latest medical advances, staying fit and studying the Bible.

Dr. Paul Preste

Paul Preste, MD

Concierge medical healthcare with integrative functional medicine.  He uncovers the underlying causes of an illness with evidence base medicine.

Paul Preste MD, a native of South Florida growing up in Ft Lauderdale, has attended Univ. of Florida where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa at the top of his class. Graduating from the University of South Florida Medical School, Dr. Preste then attended the University of South Carolina. Dr. Preste opened his own private office on Oakland Park Boulevard. The office was incredibly busy from day 1 and got through the early transition with the help of his brother Jonathan Preste. The Preste brothers expanded and added a 28 bed Adult Care Living facility. The main thrust of Dr Preste’s RAISON D’ETRE has been his love of people and being able to give excellent care and help to families and people in times of greatest need with the finest Doctors in South Florida and Broward County area and able to help in those in need with health care problems. He prides himself on giving the same quality care to all his patients, as does all the Doctors at Preste Medical, a hand picked group of caring physicians in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Endrocrinology, Cardiology and the best specialist in the Preste Medical referrals nationwide in Broward County.

Gus Barni

Metaphysical Teacher/Researcher 

Mr. Barni is certified in: 

Transformational Energy, Psych-K 

Theta Healing,  Matrix Energetics 

Inception Point Therapy, and is the author of Relationships: Functional vs. Dysfunctional as well as the developer of 9 Steps to a Healthy Mind and Heart Conscious Therapies, two powerful ways to hack into the sabotaging unconscious mind inside of the subconscious for release and relief.

Dr. Lynn Tress

Psychotherapist and coach

As a highly experienced psychotherapist and coach, I have over two decades in treating anxiety, depression, addictions, family and couples’ issues. I’m inspired to restore emotional freedom in your life as you develop the tools to navigate the challenges of life more skillfully.  I support you in discovering your true purpose; to meet your goals, develop coping, communication and critical thinking skills that give you the strength to deal with whatever life brings you.

Dr. Hernan Pabon


Dr. Hernan Pabon serves the community of Miami, FL. Dr. Pabon is a concerned psychiatrist who earned his medical degree from Universidad Industrial de Santander Escuela de Medicina in Colombia in 2001. He then moved to the United States, where he completed an internship in pediatrics at Cornell University, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. Further, he went on to complete a residency in psychiatry at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. He concluded his medical training by completing a fellowship in addiction psychiatry and a fellowship in pain management and anesthesiology, both at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. Dr. Pabon welcomes patients who speak English as well as Spanish. During his consultations, he encourages patients to candidly discuss their concerns and believes that every unique problem has an achievable solution. Patients see him for the treatment of a host of concerns, which include sleep disorders, worry, depression, autism, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Dr. Pabon is motivating and compassionate and believes in the delivery of quality patient care that focuses on comfort and seamless recovery. He is committed to making each patient’s experience at the clinic as relaxed and effective as possible.