If you want to improve your health and lose weight, you need to find or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to put together diet plans and achieve the right level of physical activity in today’s society.

Our Weight Loss program
is designed to give you the knowledge you need to achieve a healthy weight. The
process is simple: once you get annual labs from your primary doctor, we can
look over these results to make recommendations.

Because our focus is on
holistic medicine, these recommendations will be focused on natural
supplements, as well as other methods of obtaining the nutrients you need
without resorting to high cost medications.

This program is about
more than just a number of the scale. When you visit with us, we want to ensure
you’re able to live life to the fullest, which means focusing on any health
issues you may be having: this can include blood pressure issues, high
cholesterol, and more.

By finding natural
solutions to these issues, you can find a healthier, less invasive way of
taking care of your body. Our goal is to empower you to make the decisions your
body needs you to make.

Micronutrients Testing



We always endeavor to
ensure that everyone we visit is satisfied with the service we provide. If you
want a more in-depth view of your body and the weight loss solutions you can
use, we have two main tests we often recommend: a micronutrient test and a
genetic test.

Micronutrient tests
allow you to see if your body has any nutrient deficiencies. This is important
because you may lose vitamins when you exercise. If you’re not supplementing
them, your body may not be able to get the full benefits of a workout.

The genetic test is more
thorough than 23 and me, and it allows you to understand how your DNA is
impacting your weight loss journey.

The more information we
have, the more comprehensive a plan we’ll be able to give you to help you
achieve your weight loss goals.

Schedule an Appointment
with Eve Preste

If this program sounds
like a good fit for you, we’re happy to schedule a consultation with you.
You’ll be meeting with Eve Preste, a certified life coach who believes in the
power of listening. Every time she meets with someone, she strives to
understand where their problems are coming from, as well as how these problems
can be fixed.

For help during your
weight loss journey, schedule an appointment with Eve Preste today.

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