women taking reiki therapy in fort lauderdale

Reiki therapy, or reiki healing, is one of many complementary therapies created by a Japanese medical professional. These healing techniques involve a transfer of “life force energy” by “laying on hands.” Reiki Fort Lauderdale literally translates to universal life energy from Japanese.

Where Does Reiki Therapy Come From?

Japanese Reiki Master Mikao Usui discovered this therapy as a treatment for physical, emotional, or mental distress. His technique Usui Shiki Ryoho, or Usui Reiki, is the method of utilizing life energy to heal the self and others.

Reiki practitioners believe the concept to be relatively simple. If you are low on Reiki energy, you will feel fatigued and ill. If you have ample amounts of energy, you will feel lively and more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki masters realized that energy can stagnate and cause blocks when triggered by physical or mental trauma. This alternative therapy encourages new flow of energy to promote natural healing, remove stress, and encourage deep relaxation that harmonizes everything.

Does Reiki Therapy Work?

Studies show that Reiki Fort Lauderdale is effective at helping to reduce pain and symptoms caused by illness. It’s successfully seen use in treating cancer, heart disease, depression, Crohn’s Disease, and various fatigue syndromes. Side effects include feeling refreshed, intense relaxation, and mitigation or disappearance of pain.

There is no risk of harm or negative side effects involved with Reiki Therapy. Studies show that sensations of touch have a direct impact on feelings of wellbeing and trust. It is a wonderful form of complementary medicine to deal with already painful illness or disease.

Reiki Therapy In Fort Lauderdale by Prestege Wellness

At Prestege Wellness, Eve Preste, certified life coach, Hypnotist, and Reiki Practitioner, conducts Reiki therapy in Fort Lauderdale for 60 to 90 minutes. Unlike massage or acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale, the patient remains fully clothed throughout the process.

Our session for reiki in Fort Lauderdale uses a hand position over a specific area for several minutes, transferring energy to your body. This process repeats all over the body including the head, torso, limbs, and any obviously wounded area.

Our rates for Reiki Therapy in Fort Lauderdale sessions are as follows:

· 60 Min Session / $99

· 90 Min Session / $135


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