Have you ever considered using hypnosis for weight loss goals? Are you even aware that hypnosis sessions can help you lose weight? 

The reason hypnosis works is that it helps identify the unconscious issues that create negative energies and blockages in the mind. This disruption is caused by some underlying causes that are encouraging you to indulge in bad habits. 

active woman measure waist with tape measure after using hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Addresses Mental Health

In the case of weight gain, this negative energy causes us to neglect diet and exercise. As we gain unhealthy amounts of weight, it hurts our body image, which perpetuates a cycle of creating more negative thoughts and energies. 

Eve Preste is an experienced hypnotherapist who aims to address these blockages in the mind. Her hypnosis process in Fort Lauderdale, will examine negative body image, negative self-talk, your fears, self-sabotaging behaviors and where they are all rooted from. Some clients believe they are safe with the extra weight and hypnosis may help the brain relearn that it is safe and healthy to be thin, and there is no threat in the subconscious mind.

Overindulging is often a result from deeply buried trauma in the mind. Hypnosis digs into the subconscious and offers you the opportunity to reframe your thoughts to begin looking at things in a more positive way. 

Has Anyone Lost Weight with Hypnosis?

Absolutely! Hypnotherapy actually gives the individual a form of mind control that alters their current way of thinking. Instead of utilizing food or drink to alleviate symptoms of negativity, you’ll begin to view food and your body in a healthier manner. 

It works like this. If there is something rooted in your subconscious that is causing you pain, you tend to overeat or drink as a method of dealing with that discomfort. If the root cause of that pain is eliminated, or if you’re able to approach it with a healthier mindset, you won’t feel drawn to what’s harming your body.

Individuals who have used hypnosis have improved their eating habits, successfully acted on their weight loss plan, and lead healthier lives as a result. This form of cognitive therapy and mindful eating helps in tandem with a healthy nutrition and exercise program. The client stays present in the moment and is mindful of what they are putting in their mouths.

Hypnosis Weight Loss with Prestege Wellness

Eve Preste is a talented hypnotherapist and empath whose goal is to bring out the best version of you possible. With guided hypnotherapy, you’ll experience improved self-perception and motivation to work hard toward your weight loss goals. Schedule an appointment with Prestege Wellness today to get started on your journey!