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Atlas Adjustment
Atlas Adjustment, also referred to as Atlas Orthogonal, is a spinal adjustment technique designed to ensure that the cranio-cervical junction is properly aligned. When you get this chiropractic adjustment technique from a Board Certified specialist, they’ll realign the Atlas using special equipment.
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helps with PTSD, Stop Smoking, Grieving,Weight Loss, Anxiety and much more!
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Car Accident
Did you get hit, or hit someone? Come in ASAP to get X-Ray's and treatment
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Genetic Testing
Understanding a person’s genes provides an accurate blueprint to provide effective, personalized patient care. Not only can your genetic blueprint help identify predisposition for various health problems or disease but can help care providers tailor exercise and nutrition plans suitable for your needs.
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Quit Smoking
Did you know you can learn to stop smoking with hypnosis?
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Telephonic Life Coaching
Eve offers guidance to clients regarding their personal and professional lives. As a Reiki practitioner and hypnotist, she is able to identify the presence of negative energy blocking the energy centers of the body.
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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Available for sale.
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