PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder can arrest your mind and prevent you from enjoying a happy life. Hypnosis treatments for PTSD are proven to be effective at identifying and relieving the symptoms of poor mental health. 

To help you understand how Fort Lauderdale hypnotherapy treatments help PTSD, we’re going to explain PTSD symptoms and their causes. Understanding the effects on your subconscious mind is the first step in using hypnosis to treat PTSD.

veteran soldier with ptsd talking to counselor about hypnosis treatment for ptsd

What Causes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can occur in anyone who experiences any type of traumatic event. Serious accidents, assaults, witnessing death, experiencing war, childbirth, and abuse are common indicators that a person may be vulnerable to or experiencing PTSD.

The impact of such an event can leave a lasting impression on the psyche and imprint in the subconscious mind. This causes the individual to constantly relive these past moments and all of the harrowing pains and emotions that occurred with it. 

Symptoms of PTSD

This underlying trauma within your subconscious can cause you to behave in ways differently than you used to. You might experience panic, shock, or fear when visiting associated locations or engaging in a particular activity. The patient may attempt to avoid these emotions by abusing drugs, alcohol or engage in self sabotaging behaviors. 

These feelings of fear, avoidance, or even guilt lead to major disruptions in your life and alter your mood and behavior whether you realize it or not. This is because the phenomenon is rooted deeply within your mind. It may prove to be extremely difficult to access it without the help of a trained hypnotherapist. 

How Hypnosis Treatments Help PTSD

Just as the mind absorbs traumatic instances subconsciously, true healing can only occur subconsciously. Hypnosis allows your therapist to look into your innermost thoughts and feelings and begin addressing the issue and releasing thoughts & memories that do not serve a purpose to the higher enlightened self.

Examining a traumatic memory and the feelings it stirs up allows you and your therapist to call attention to inaccurate ideas about yourself and toxic feelings. You can address why you might feel fearful or guilty about the event, and honestly discuss your feelings and bring clarity to the event. This way, you can learn to let go of certain feelings so that real healing can begin. Hypnosis will locate those blocks of negative energy, massage your mind, and reconnect the halves of the brain to clear the way for a better version of yourself and life without limitations.

Hypnosis Treatment by Prestege Wellness

Don’t let your PTSD control your life a moment longer. Eve Preste is a talented hypnotherapist with a gift for empathy. Together, you can reclaim a positive, uplifting, and happy life for yourself. To begin your healing journey, book an appointment today.