Dr. Lynn Tress

I’m so happy you’re here to offer you the opportunity to heal your relationships, achieve your goals, improve your communication skills and resolve your conflicts. As a highly experienced psychotherapist and coach, I have over two decades in treating anxiety, depression, addictions, family and couples’ issues. I’m inspired to restore emotional freedom in your life as you develop the tools to navigate the challenges of life more skillfully.  I support you in discovering your true purpose; to meet your goals, develop coping, communication and critical thinking skills that give you the strength to deal with whatever life brings you.

 I have developed a model of personal development I refer to as the Pyramid of Healing; there are seven steps to my wellness-based model. The Pyramid of Healing represents the seven steps and stages we can choose to take, the steps and stages we can to take as healthy human beings to reach our fullest potential. I use a collaborative approach, including aspects of ancient healing traditions, energy work, visualization and much more all resting on a solid clinical foundation. My practice is empathy and evidence based with a realistic approach to solving and resolving life’s most challenging issues.

There is no judgment here... only healing



The personal growth process is rewarding but takes time and patience. Get ready to go deeply within, looking at yourself without judgment. Effective therapy is a partnership, best achieved when working together to tackle emotional and situational road blocks that have held you back. It’s a process that means less anxiety, depression and improved communication with better relationships overall.

Insurance: Open Air with Dr. Lynn Tress is a fee for service practice and does not accept health insurance. Dr. Lynn Tress is happy to provide a monthly statement which can be given to your insurance for reimbursement.

My Specialties

Covid Isolation Syndrome: The Pandemic has not only isolated but alienated much of the humanity. Mandatory masking and loss of individuality have locked us into a nameless anonymity and has created an atmosphere of fear, loneliness and isolation that has rarely existed. Forced in lockdowns to be prisoners in our own homes because of fear of the other, human happiness, loving relationships, friendship and intimacy have been taken a back seat to the imposed collective mandate to avoid pro-social behaviors that previously nurtured and sustained us. Left alone at home, rates of depression, domestic violence, drug use and suicide have increased dramatically. The lockdown, with the closing of businesses and schools has resulted in a massive and collective depression that has impacted our lives, economically, socially and recreationally.

Individuals and Couples: Our human lives and the time we have on this planet are meant to spent wisely. Working on yourself or with the another, is essential because without a clear starting point and insight to who you are, chances are your fate will be random, controlled by external circumstances. Focusing on what motivates, sustains and nurtures you, as well as healing the wounds of the past help pave the way to a happier life and relationships.

LGBTQ: How we identify is a courageous transition that requires tremendous support and validation. It is important to know that however you are identifying is your choice to be respected. My expertise in working and supporting your choices is something I Pride myself in.

Addiction and Intervention: As many know, while momentarily pleasurable, addictions offer no long-term benefit. According to my research, addictions are usually connected to a few factors: Addiction by prescription. Addiction from trauma. Addiction from recreation. Addiction from mental illness to self-medicate symptoms. In working together, we endeavor to identify the roots of your addiction, confronting together the shame, guilt, denial, and regret the challenges of addiction may have caused you and begin to neutralize the impact on your life.

Trauma, Major Illness, PTSD and Bereavement: The darkest moments of our lives; either momentary, chronic, or repeated can have the power to scar us forever. Our bodies, minds and emotions store the memories of these experiences and they typically feel very embedded. Together we can work to loosen the impact of the trauma, diagnosis, loss or situation and move forward more productively, to begin experiencing relief and acceptance.

Post-Psychedelic Experience Integration: Many individuals are seeking greater insight to gain spiritual awareness, to heal from addiction, to treat anxiety, depression and trauma with the assistance of Psychedelic plants (medicines). Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Psilocybin mushrooms, Cannabis, Peyote, MDMA, and other substances that induce an altered hallucinogenic state are often highly successful in opening a path to healing. On the other hand, mishandled, these plant and chemical medicines can lead to greater confusion and breakdown. Integration helps you process your experience and apply it to your life.