Genetic Testing for Chiropractors in Ft. Lauderdale

Genetic testing or DNA testing is becoming a way for the chiropractic industry to improve its modes of health care. 

Understanding a person’s genes provides an accurate blueprint to provide effective, personalized patient care. Not only can your genetic blueprint help identify predisposition for various health problems or disease but can help care providers tailor exercise and nutrition plans suitable for your needs.

What Do Chiropractors Look for in Genetic Testing?

For starters, genetic testing can potentially identify genes that are linked to the degeneration of intervertebral discs. This degradation is the most common cause of back pain, particularly in aging adults. 

As the discs weather away, the vertebrae can rub together creating intense pain and lead to the development of bone spurs. These changes can even affect nerves causing referral pain, wreaking havoc on your nervous system.

If you could have that knowledge, why wouldn’t you want to know it? A large part in providing efficient health care lies in interviewing the patient to better understand their current suffering. Genetic testing can help a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale identify numerous risk factors in your genetic history. 

With this valuable information, they can begin to recommend lifestyle changes to help mitigate the potential effects of pain and disease to the best of their ability.

How Will This Treatment Plan Improve My Chiropractic Care?

It’s a mistake to think that your chiropractor is there to manipulate your neck and back and provide temporary relief. Pain is a symptom, and while treating it is valuable, it doesn’t necessarily address the core issue. 

Addressing your neck and back pain could also involve creating the appropriate exercise and nutrition programs that can best benefit your body. A valuable way of mitigating pain is by strengthening the affected areas. This can be further bolstered by eating a tailored diet that can help shed excess weight and improve vital functions. Genetic testing can help guide your chiropractor in creating plans that can address your potential risk factors.

Genetic Testing by Prestege Wellness

Don’t pursue medical care without having the blueprint to guide it. Genetic testing expands our scope of practice and allows us to create a plan that can build a healthier, happier you. 

To pursue genetic testing and chiropractic care with Prestege Wellness, book an appointment with us today!