FEAR – How fear can paralyze you from moving forward in Life?

FEAR – How fear can paralyze you from moving forward in Life?


This video is all about “FEAR – How fear can paralyze you from moving forward in Life?” Watch this video and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel

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Eve Preste is a certified life coach, Hypnotist, and Reiki practitioner. Eve is the author of “My Journey Through Breast Cancer. ” Eve is a full-time practicing hypnotist, who, with her deep spiritual nature is able to create a positive frame of mind for lasting life changes. Eve holds a BA in Journalism, Broadcasting, and Speech and is certified with the National Guild of hypnotists, life coaching through Fowler Wainwright, and reiki through Deena Gail Elmore. By using her reiki principles and techniques, she opens the heart chakra allowing deep healing to take place. She is able to synchronize the mind with the heart, raise one’s vibrational awareness, and create a higher level of consciousness with her clients. Eve teaches her clients how to effectively use the power within the mind to create a transformative life filled with love and bliss. Each experience with Eve is very positive and life-changing. She states that we are all created for greatness and we just need to tap into it. Her intuitive nature gives her direction on how to approach each client on an individual basis.

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