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  • Do not drive with your seat fully reclined, this will cause you to strain your neck when bending forward to see.
  • Also, do not accelerate or brake quickly, this will whiplash your neck.
  • Do not ride in boats or amusement rides that jar your head.
  • Do not slump in a chair when reading or watching TV.
  • Do not look directly overhead, this puts a tremendous strain on your neck.
  • Do not lie on your stomach with your head propped up in your hands.
  • Do not reach or strain for something overhead. Keep your arms at shoulder level or below.
  • Do not bend backward to get your hair washed or rinsed at the hairdressers, always bend forward.
  • Do not hold a telephone receiver to your ear with your shoulder.
  • Do not tilt your head too far upward when shaving.
  • Do not drink from water bottles or cans as your head tilts too far backward, use a wide mouth glass or straw.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach, always on your back or side.
  • Avoid reading in bed, neither propped up on your elbows or flat on your back.
  • Do not sleep on more than one pillow.. even for a quick nap.
  • Do not sleep on a foam rubber pillow, choose instead a feather pillow, or contour pillow. Also, do not place any pillow under your shoulders, just your head and neck, support primarily your neck region.
  • Do not turn over in bed by using your head as a pivot. (pushing up on your back of your head then turning your body.)
  • Do not fall asleep in a sitting position. Like on an airplane or in church. This will cause your head to bob and and whiplash your neck.
  • Do not lie on the couch with your head on the armrest.
  • Do not place your hands under your head while lying down; this bends the head forward stretching the muscles and misaligning the vertebrae.
  • Do not sit on a desk with your chin resting in your hands… like sleeping at work.
  • Do not spend long hours with your head bent forward such as reading, working at a desk or working on a lap top. Try to keep your work at eye level.
  • Do not twist sideways suddenly, like when backing an automobile. Turn your head slowly.

If for any reason, you feel that you have “knocked your atlas out”…book a 20 minute follow up appointment immediately to insure proper healing and avoid a long-term injury.

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