Physical therapists and chiropractors perform different types of manual therapy, but their practices frequently overlap.

Prestege Wellness’s Dr. Jeffrey Middleton provides physical therapy in Fort Lauderdale, in conjunction with chiropractic. Take a look at why chiropractic care can benefit your physical therapy, and vice versa.

What Does Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Entail?

Chiropractors practice body manipulation and manual therapy to adjust the neck, spine, and joints. This helps relieve musculoskeletal issues. They also work with patients to preserve their health and wellbeing by making changes to their diet and finding ways to safely exercise and strengthen their bodies to avoid illnesses or injuries.

Physical therapy similarly helps patients recover and improve mobility after being involved in accidents, sports injuries, and the like. They’ll manipulate injured areas to alleviate pain points and come up with treatment plans designed to help you rebuild strength and return to regular function.

Overcome Chronic Pain and Injury

Chiropractic and physical therapy in Fort Lauderdale focus on alleviating pain and helping patients overcome the effects of injury and illness. That’s why Dr. Middleton incorporates both into your health care treatment plan. In addition to traditional chiropractic care modalities, he utilizes physical therapy exercises that focus on stretching and strengthening problematic areas. 

Physical therapy stimulates circulation, alleviates stress on the body, and can promote overall health and wellness just as chiropractic adjustments do. It can also help combat posture problems, which can lead to better results from your physical therapy exercises.

Both work on similar areas in conjunction to address the core problems rather than focusing on symptoms. Over time, your body’s range of motion and circulation will improve while also building strength and fitness levels. Combined with regular adjustments and an improved dietary regimen, you’ll see improvements in overall wellness until your regular pain is alleviated permanently.

A Complete Treatment Option

When tissues, vertebrae, or joints are damaged, there’s generally something that needs adjustment in effort to stave off the constant pain. However, the same area is also likely weakened after suffering traumatic damage.

At Prestege Wellness, we believe that treating all aspects of your health is the true way to overall well-being, physically and mentally. We don’t just make the corrections necessary to alleviate your suffering. We provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to strengthen your mind and body. Without physical therapy to complement our care, many patients simply fall back into similar states of unhappiness and discomfort.

Physical Therapy – Dr. Jeffrey Middleton, Prestege Wellness

If you want to learn more about how chiropractic care can enhance your life, be sure to read more of the available information regarding our treatments! We are proud to offer physical therapy in Fort Lauderdale, to supplement other aspects of our health care. Whether you’ve been in an accident, suffered an athletic injury, or are simply dealing with unexplained chronic pain, we want to help.

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